by: Jean Harrington              

Publisher: Carina Press

Published: January 2, 2012        

Format: ebook       

Origin: Publisher through netGalley – eGalley

Series: Murders by Design

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Devalera “Deva” Dunne moved to the warm climate of Florida to escape Boston’s brutal winters, where black ice patches can kill husbands and dreams.

She’s an out of work interior designer who is decorating condominiums coming to market in her own complex, free. Not that she is free from needing money. The condo owner is in a financial bind, and Deva has already put all of her husband’s insurance money into this move. This business must flourish or she looses everything.

She didn’t think she was even ready to get fully back into interior design, but the owner of the complex had sent a paying gig her way. At first, though she needs cash, she hesitates, especially given the client’s obsession with the color white and Hollywood chic, but her designer’s mind springs to life as they talk up ideas.

At her first meeting with Treasure Kozlowski, the woman stuns Deva, but they become friendly quick enough.

Soon, it’s nearly move in day for Treasure.  Deva’s proud of the design and prepares the last-minute touches, especially flowers for the new arrival, but Treasure’s story doesn’t have the usual client and designer’s happy ending.

Deva discovers Treasure in the condo, dead.

My Take:

Jean Harrington’s DESIGNED FOR DEATH is a great cozy with interesting characters, some quirky and some handsome.

While the author deftly paints many in the suspect corner, she keeps her sleuth from knowing who’s friend and who’s foe, and that can be a deadly mix—for Deva Dunne.  The suspects’ motives seem to be different.  However, one thing is for sure; any of these people could be the one to kill Treasure Kozlowski.

You will enjoy sleuthing along side Deva Dunne!

She’s a fish out of water in her own life and is vulnerable yet strong, but you’ll be hoping for Deva to catch a killer and live long enough to have a shot at her own happy ending. Moreover, you’ll be anxiously awaiting publication of Jean Harrington’s next cozy title, THE MONET MURDERS.


2 responses to “DESIGNED FOR DEATH

  1. Very intriguing & tantalizing from both of you about the book. I look forward to reading the mystery. Kudos!

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