by Hope Ramsay

Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing imprint of Hachette Book Group)

Published: February 1, 2012

Format: Paperback (368 pages)

ISBN: 9780446576086

Series: Last Chance

Origin: Publisher through netGalley – eGalley

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

What happens when a United States Senator wants a British baron to buy land in his state that isn’t for sale?

The land deal problem falls on Caroline Rhodes.

She’s a small town, ex-beauty queen who can’t seem to forget her not so famous but infamous background, where her name is Rocky, despite her professional ties working for Senator Rupert Warren.  However, her boss expects Caroline to help get a landowner to sell property to a foreigner.  His view is that, after all, the baron wants to build a factory and give the locals jobs, but Caroline sees no easy deal.  In fact, she knows this task is impossible.

Spotting this English aristocrat, Hugh deBracy, didn’t take skill.  His suit and accent is like a scent to a hound dog, and although he is the handsome sort with a sexy voice, Caroline Rhodes needs to forget her addiction to romance novels and concentrate on her job.  This whole Senator and British love affair with state and family land could toss her career out like yesterday’s trash. Consequently, when she mistakenly adds the title lord to his sir name, Caroline takes her first step toward the Dumpster.

Lord Woolham, a.k.a. Hugh deBracy had just insulted her father, but he had not known she is related to the man who spoke to angels.

This woman had taken his unintended insult with class that rivals ladies in Woolham, and she didn’t seem flustered by him at all.  Nevertheless, knowing of her background and all the things that he’d been told about her father, why did Senator Rupert Warren send her on this task?  And why did she accept it?

Dismissing those questions right out of hand is Caroline Rhodes, she is insisting her father will not sell.  Moreover, she is trying to get him to choose an alternate site. The problem here is that he needs that parcel of land, thanks to his partner, George Penn.  Woolham House already owns real estate beside this tract.

A matter of fact, he owes more money than he has, and the former owner of the other owned plot will not take it back.  This British businessman had better soon buy that particular parcel or loose everything.  In desperation, lord Woolham almost demands to go to Last Chance over her objections, but when she finally agrees, Hugh knows that he is in real trouble.  Despite those beautiful eyes and that long graceful neck, Hugh knows she’s up to something.

My Take:

I recommend Hope Ramsay’s LAST CHANCE BEAUTY QUEEN!

Her quirky characters continue to endure, and the new ones you’ll meet work their way right into your heart.  In this book, Last Chance comes alive with Rocky’s friends and neighbors but visiting with the Rhodes family still makes you want to stay.  In addition, you will get a glimpse into Hugh’s background, his relatives, and into their way of life. 

Hope Ramsay’s writes a Southerner meets stranger romance that is chock full of laughs, and she even gives an unexpected twist with a hint of mystery with land and chicken.

LAST CHANCE BEAUTY QUEEN is title that stands alone.  However, I haven’t a doubt that you”ll want to read the other books in the Last Chance series, WELCOME TO LAST CHANCE (Forever March 2011) and HOME AT LAST CHANCE  (Forever September 2011), and then you’ll be waiting for another! 



  1. This author does have a way with characters. Enjoyed your take on her latest.

    Thoughts in Progress

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