by: James Andrus              

Publisher: Pinnacle (Kensington)  

Published: February 7, 2012        

Format: Paperback (384 pages)      

ISBN: 9780786027699            

Series: Detective John Stallings            

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Buddy meets the women at work or while pretending to be at work, and he obsesses over their last breath.

Jacksonville Detective John Stallings has been on this side the report, and into each case, he brings the father of a missing teen, Jeanie, with his badge.  Though his badge helps him to identify the family dynamic that plays out before him, the father of a missing person helps him to identify with the family and their pain.

The Leah Tishler case hit too close to home for the detective, and he’s glad his partner, Patty Levine is with him.

Meanwhile, another set of Jacksonville detectives are trying to figure out whom killed Kathy Mizell, with a belt and left it around her neck.  Was this just an incompetent murderer who not only left the murder weapon but also dumped Kathy’s body at a construction site, but not in a Dumpster only near the Dumpster?  It was easy to figure the guy was too short to stick her inside, but was he too stupid to see the stacked cinderblocks that would have helped him get her inside?

Through a source, detective Tony Mazzetti has a list of five names to check into, but this was nothing short of chasing down every lead, not expecting anything to come from it.  But without much in the way of leads, these were as good as any.  Nevertheless, at the construction site, Mazzetti runs into five men who really don’t like him.

Buddy, on the other hand, is ready for another kill; this one is his angel.  Well, at least until she starts coming on to him and brings out weed.  Does he really want to preserve this for all eternity? Just as he ponders this, someone else approaches.

But when this visitor pulls a gun, Buddy’s got bigger problems.

His father was at the kitchen, just the day before Detective John Stallings arrived.  Moreover, he got chatty with one of the women, telling her stories of his family life, his Navy career, but he kept calling the woman, Jeanie.  Finally, his father turns up, but he speaks of visiting with Jeanie who has changed her name to Kelly.

In the meantime, Detective Mazzetti is interrogating a man with unexplained ladies wear.  Dresses.  He’s hoping that just maybe he’s got the one, but the detective’s hope fades when another body is discovered, putting him back to no suspects.

My Take:

James Andrus makes his career in law enforcement and shows the real side of his chosen profession.  His characters could be in any police department on any day.

In THE PERFECT DEATH, you will find fleshed out police officers that solve these crimes the real way, through hard work and good leads.  His good guys are not always good and are as humanly flawed as the criminals, just in different ways, and in some cases, the criminals may be the good guys.

James Andrus doesn’t just give you the action and adventure of a thriller; he gives us investigation and techniques along with a thrilling read with engaging characters that anyone can relate to.


2 responses to “THE PERFECT DEATH

  1. Sounds like a book I’d enjoy. Enjoyed your review.

    Thoughts in Progress

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