KILL SWITCH Giveaway + KILL SWITCH GAME link + KILL SWITCH link to apps + book review = A GREAT READ!

by: Neal Baer and Jonathan Greene Publisher: Kensington                 Published: December 31, 2011         Format: Hardcover (288 pages)     ISBN: 9780758266866                   Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

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My Look:

Doctor Claire Waters is part of a fellowship doing forensic psychiatry work on Rikers Island’s sickest inmates, but she’s already been told that she might not stay with the program. Moreover, they would be right to get rid of her.

She’d messed up with a client, letting her personal failure follow her inside the treatment room.

On that day, with the approaching storm, all Claire could see was herself watching her friend get abducted, and although everyone had told Claire she wasn’t at fault, Claire knew she was to blame. While with a patient, she hit a wall during treatment one day because Dr. Claire Water’s has her own issues needing treatment, but that remedy she never sought.

Much later, Todd Quimby, her assigned patient and a former resident of the penal colony, telephones Claire. He’s in need of emergency care, but after meeting with him at the hospital, Claire decides she can catch a killer and prove her “out-of-the-box” capabilities to the fellowship.

But in just minutes, Claire comes undone.

Todd Quimby attacks Claire, and her boyfriend contacts the head of the fellowship program. The fellowship head then contacts the police.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Claire meets Detective Nick Lawler, and within minutes, he’s dismissing her as a shrink and as a victim. Nick is back on the job, after being exiled in Central Booking, and the last thing he needs is a shrink.

After his wife’s death, everyone believed he killed her; he didn’t.

However, he feels as guilty as if he did, but his nightmare of that blinding flash of light is still as fresh as the day it happened. But that’s not this detective’s only problem; he is hiding a secret that will end his career, for good.

Upon reading two crime reports, one he had investigated—before his departure from the detectives—and one he is just now investigating, Nick is certain the man who assaulted the shrink is the man he’s hunting.

However, his public dressing down of Dr. Waters cost him strange looks at his new-old job, but it could cost him even more.

It could cost another life.

Catching Claire Waters before her cab takes off, the detective gets Todd Quimby ‘s information, but when his partner and Lawlor arrive at the address, the perp’s mother is stalls them. Now, her son goes on the run, out the window and into the subway.

The chase ends with one officer down and their man getting away, but soon, another woman will die.

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My Take:

I give my highest recommendation to KILL SWITCH by Neal Baer and Jonathan Greene!

As the former executive producer and co-executive producer of LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIM’S UNIT, these authors already know exactly how to ramp up the suspense, while twisting the plot and bringing the reader down many false trails. However, with KILL SWITCH, they honed their skills even higher.

KILL SWITCH will have you keep reading late into the night. However, how it all ends will shock you.

Just as these authors’ names are synonymous with great television, I know you will watch Neal Baer and Jonathan Greene have a long and renowned novel-writing career.


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  1. Thanks for the giveaway – enter my name in the draw, please 🙂

  2. Jemrah1, you are entered into the giveaway!

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