WINNER of the SUGAR RUSH Book Giveaway

On 1/29/12, I blogged a book review of SWEET STUFF by Donna Kauffman, and I hosted a SUGAR RUSH book giveaway too . 

Picking the winner was a complicated process and not at all scientific.

  1. I printed out all eligible comments.

  2. After folding the printed sheets, I put each paper inside one plastic heart, and then I filled said heart with a few (five) chocolate gold coins.   To be fair, all plastic hearts were the same color, red.

  3. I placed these hearts into a reusable store sack.

  4. Shaking the bag up then down and side to side before swooshing it around, I made six spins around the room.

  5. My trusty assistant, who is seven years old and who has helped me on a previous giveaway, put his hand into the bag and pulled out a heart.

  6. This assistant opened the heart and took out all the gold coins.  Then he handed the folded paper over to me.

  7. I immediately handed it off to the adult witness for the grand announcement . . .


And the winner is: Na S.

Na S., you will receive an email providing instructions on how to collect your book. 

****I feel obligated to impart that my assistant did receive payment for his services (stuffed crust pizza for lunch), but he was under no obligation to pick any one heart.****

Remember, come visit Books . . . Looks and Takes blog often.  I’ll be having more specials, giveaways, and discounts real soon.


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