BEFORE SHE DIES Review and Author Video

by: Mary Burton              

Publisher: Zebra (Kensington)

Published: January 31, 2012        

Format: Paperback (416 pages)       

ISBN: 9781420110217

Origin: Publisher 

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Defense attorney Charlotte (Grace) Wellington is not who everyone thinks she is, but her secrets are safe until the past comes bounding up to her present day door.

Eighteen years ago, when she was a teen, Grace’s mother died, and her sister was murdered by a ritualistic nightmare. Grace fled leaving her mother’s infant and her baby sister, Sooner, to be adopted.

Now, Charlotte has managed to turn her life into a picture of what it never was.

She is a highbrow attorney who travels in all the right circles with all the right connections. Nevertheless, when her stepdad shows up at her expensive office, all bets are off on keeping her life the pristine image it has become. Emotions overwhelm her as memories flood from all directions, and the news he brings leaves her hollow.

The problem was Charlotte has always had a hole inside anyway, but she thought she did the right think by her baby sister, Sooner. She pacified herself believing Sooner had a real family and was growing up far away from the carnival. But that didn’t happen.

Her stepfather raised Sooner, and now’s she’s been arrested. He’s threatening to expose Charlotte’s past, but Charlotte’s problems are only just beginning.

Meanwhile, Detective Daniel Rokov discovers the ice goddess isn’t the queen of cold; in fact, she’s hot, sexy, and sultry. Moreover, their no strings attached, clandestine relationship suited him fine, for a while, but now he wants more. Though they are burning up the sheets, she has her heart locked in an ice chest, and she will not change the no attachment part of their relationship. Daniel Rokov wants to know her secrets, and he wants to understand why she lives without emotional entanglements.

Fresh from a hotel tryst, he’s arriving on scene.

A young girl has been murdered. Not news, really. Everyday something like this happens, and maybe some think he’s cold at heart due to indifference. He isn’t. Emotions will hinder his job.

However, even a seasoned detective isn’t ready for this crime scene.

The young woman had been killed elsewhere, but her body had been brought to an abandoned building and staged in the most ritualistic way. The salt outline only confirms what he already knows to be true. Investigating this death leads him straight to the carnies in town, as death and this group seem to come as a package deal.

However, he’s not at all expecting what he unearths.

My Take:

BEFORE SHE DIES by Mary Burton is a read I recommend!

Mary Barton lets us meet her killer on the first page, and you’ll learn this will be his first kill of many more to come. In this read, you are in for a suspense filled ride through a romantic suspense tale where secrets are deadly but distrust can save a life.

Her main characters are flawed but redeemable, and you’ll be rooting for them to live long enough to come together.

While this is a stand-alone title, you will want to read Mary Burton’s other suspenseful reads such as MERCILESS (Zebra January 2011), SENSELESS (Zebra December 2010), and DYING SCREAM (Zebra December 2009).


2 responses to “BEFORE SHE DIES Review and Author Video

  1. I have read many review of this book and I think it would be a real page turner.
    Thanks for a great review.

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