by: Cathy Perkins              

Publisher: Carina Press

Published: January 23, 2012        

Format: ebook       

Origin: Publisher through netGalley – eGalley

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

A serial killer claims his third victim, and SLED Agent “Mick” O’Shaughnessy is trying to piece together clues to stop the murders. This sick predator stalks his prey, college-aged women from well-to-do families, and Mick, his team, and the local police department  must uncover his pattern before he strikes again.

A possible assault at a local college pulls him off the investigation; Mick hates the kind of political pandering that expropriated the police force, but he must deal with it.  Although the assault was not that at all, Mick meets graduate student, Meg Connelly.

Like a schoolboy with a crush, he makes up a reason to see her.

Meg Connelly wasn’t ready for the lovesick feelings she’d get for the agent, but romance isn’t on her agenda.  Been there.  Done that.  Moreover, she had the pain to prove it.  Meg needs to keep her focus, move forward, and gain a career that will actually allow her creature comforts, like a cell phone.  However, she really wasn’t prepared for his kiss, and she’s going to avoid agent Mick O’Shaughnessy like a bad cold.

Meanwhile, the professor watches his victims, and he’s been watching Meg.  He notices the way she dresses and the confidence she exudes, but a woman like her needs to regain a subservient posture.  Just like his other victims.   He has also been watching the news reports of his deeds, and he laughs.  The police are too stupid to put it together, but soon his hide and seek with the police becomes personal.  That SLED agent is cocky and arrogant.  Look at that superior body language; he would like to teach him just how superior he isn’t.  Soon the professor dashes off an email to the agent, and his email won’t be traceable.

My Take:

I recommend THE PROFESSOR by Cathy Perkins!

From that first paragraph to the last page the suspense endures, the mystery grows deeper, and the police procedures stay a mainstay in this story line.  The author shows how the police investigation progresses, as if she’s done one herself. In Mick, she paints a lovable guy whose job is intense, but he’s looking for more than just his career and his empty condo from life.   Her other police officers are just as true to life, each with their own story.

Cathy Perkins is a debut author who will keep you in a perpetual state of suspense while you are awaiting her next book.


2 responses to “THE PROFESSOR

  1. Fabulous review. The Professor is on my TBR pile. I’ve read excerpts, and cannot wait! Thank you!

  2. It’s a great read, for sure!

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