by Sandra Hill, Trish Jensen, Kate Holmes

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

Published: October 1, 2001

Format: Paperback (260 pages)

ISBN: 9781611940022

Origin: Publisher though netGalley (eGalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

The Santa Brigade is coming to town, in a bus.

This quirky crew of senior Santa’s are giving holiday cheer, making stops, and acquiring passengers along the way to the wedding of George Garrison.

The first new passenger descends from the sky, literally. With a news crew in tow, Sam Merrick parachutes into the scene. He lets himself become a feature story in a desperate attempt to make it to his mentor’s wedding; George Garrison took Sam in, as a wayward boy, and loved him like a father. He will make it to the wedding, and he sure will not pass up an opportunity to be with his childhood sweetheart, Reba, again.

The next passenger brings an unexpected guest.

Kevin “J. D.” Wilder arrived handcuffed to an Amish woman. In his youth, Kevin was a juvenile delinquent who was also mentored by George. Therefore, the handcuffs didn’t shock the seniors who knew him at his worst, but he’s on the right side of the law, now. Kevin is a famed private investigator who stumbles right into the woman he was supposed to find. Though her Amish disguise had him fooled and she did have an easy time picking his pocket, it was Calli’s false, faltering accent, lip gloss, and Channel No. 5 that gave her away but not before she nearly got away.

The last man to board the bus comes with another guest.

Stan Kijewski’s lost football career ends by accident, and his injuries are not close to healed. Nevertheless, George also helped Stan, and he will not let the weather, his injuries, or his own inability to remain upright in snow keep him from attending. He made it through the storm to pick up another guest; she’s a Forrest Ranger. Dana not only watches football, she’s has spent many hours watching Stan’s tight end play in the game. Now, the Santa Brigade is the only way they will make to the wedding.

My Take:

Sandra Hill, Trish Jensen, and Kate Holmes build hot romances in ‘TWAS THE NIGHT. These authors provide humor in just the right dose but demonstrate what giving of oneself really means. Although the story was written in a round-robin fashion between three authors, it flows from beginning to end without inner seams showing

This book was originally published by Dorchester Publishing (Leisure Books) and was then titled HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS.


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