by: Angela Gerst              

Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

Published: September 6, 2011        

Format: Paperback (250 pages)      

ISBN: 9781590589465            

Series: A Susan Callisto Mystery               

Origin: Publisher through netGalley – eGalley

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Former real estate lawyer and current political consultant, Susan Callisto is ready to go home for the day, when a man needing political advice enters her office with a hefty check in hand. She questions the man, his motives, and she questions his check, but Susan puts “Chaz” Renfrow into the maybe client category and sets out to find out about this candidate and the man.

Getting in touch with one of her friends, she receives a cryptic message in return and an urgent message to meet him about Renfrow.

In the meantime, the maybe client fails to show at a scheduled meet while her other client seems to be the needy type requiring something from her at every turn. However, it’s Nino Biondi that’s giving her most of the trouble; he’s still in a never-ending, bitter lawsuit with his landlord and refuses any sensible settlement offer.

Finally, she meets with her friend and discovers that his concern about Renfrow seems to be based on a business arrangement gone sour and a personal bias toward the man, his company, and his campaign. However, she’s gonna question her possible client to be sure her summation is a fair and, most importantly, an accurate one.

When she speaks with Charles “Chaz” Renfrow he invites her to his company to allay any doubts that this friend, whom he knows well, has planted, and he actually does alleviate her worries.

After accepting “Chaz” as a client, Susan discovers this check has come with some distinct disadvantages. Susan lands smack into the middle of a murder investigation, when she discovers the body of Renfrow’s assistant, whom she met the day before she dies.  Tori left a memorable impression, as a drunkard who was pawing her boss. Now, Susan’s forced to face her former boyfriend, a police detective, who is in charge of the case, and she’s believes he’s a coward for making another detective question Susan.

Then even more problems begin to plague Susan and those that she cares about.

Biondi’s, her stand-in grandfather, apartment is the subject of a breaking and entering by thugs who’d smashed apart everything the man owned. Soon his skull meets the same fate landing him in a coma.  Using her power of attorney, she must make a decision that is for his best interest, all the while she knows he would disapprove, if he could. 

Now, the ex-boyfriend comes calling on her, after someone attacks Susan and the police find another one of her clients’ dead.

My Take:

A CRACK IN EVERYTHING by Angela Gerst is book I recommend. From the quirky stand-in grandfather to latest dead client, Angela Gerst’s supporting characters are as intriguing as Susan Callisto is. You will find a mix of personalities inside a mystery that is more than murder in a story that’s in constant motion.

Moreover, just when you think you might know whom or why, you’ll find that avenue a dead-end as the next twist brings you down a new road where anything can happen.

A CRACK IN EVERYTHING will leave you wanting another of the SUSAN CALLISTO MYSTERIES.


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