by: Caitlin Rother            

Publisher: Dorchester Publishing 

Published: January 15, 2012        

Format: Paperback (350 pages)      

ISBN: 9781428516915            

Origin: Publisher through netGalley (eGalley)

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***


My Look:

An undercover narcotics detective is looking for a way into the homicide division, as permanent gig; he has done assists for that unit for over three years. Nevertheless, what price will he have to pay to get his wish?

On his off time, Detective Ken Goode’s happens upon a twenty-something male who happens to have discovered a body. This case can provide the detective a big break and his shot into homicide, especially with the drug involvement of the case, but the victim’s school could also land the detective on the inside track of this investigation. His sister attends the same prestigious beauty school.

Between the first and second murder, author Caitlin Rother introduces other characters whose story we know from their point of view, but it’s the second murder that threatens to give her detective grey hair. The victim is another student from the beauty school, and Detective Goode hasn’t spoken or seen his sister in days.

As if that weren’t enough, the director of this school has been connected to prostitution in the past, and Goode had already learned the first beauty school victim had made plans with someone to open an escort service. There’s a bar that these people frequent that also connects to his sister, and although, he has more than just a few suspects connected to this first victim, this second killing draws a straight line to that school.

Where is his sister?

My Take:

In NAKED ADDICTION, Caitlin Rother ties together pieces of the tragic lives of victims, their family, and their friends to one basic thread. Somewhere in each character’s life you’ll meet someone suffering addiction, and you will learn how everyone else suffers because of that addiction.

Caitlin Rother’s impressive knowledge of police procedures as an award-winning journalist shines through on how crime scenes are handled, how investigations proceed, and how these murders are solved.


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