WINNER of the DARKNESS DAWNS Book Giveaway

On 12/12/11, I blogged a post about DARKNESS DAWNS by Dianne Duvall and this post featured a book giveaway courtesy of Kensington Books.

Picking the winner of this giveaway was a complicated process and not at all scientific.

  1. I printed out all eligible comments.

  2. I folded the printed sheets (plain side out) and wrapped them on identical faux candy canes.  To be fair, all the ornamental candy canes were the same size and color (white with red striping). 

  3. I placed all of them into a small plastic bag.

  4. Shaking the bag first up and down then side to side, I handed the bag to my tallest assistant.  She’s  ten years old and almost as big as me!  Gripping the handles tight, she shook the bag first then made two complete clockwise spins.

  5. My trusty assistant then handed the bag to her sister. This second assistant, who is almost eight, handed the bag back to me.

  6. She closed her eyes. I opened said bag. After I counted to three, she put her hand inside, and without peeking, she withdrew a single candy cane.

  7. In front of these two assistants and one adult, I slowly unwrapped the candy cane.  I handed the paper with the winning name to the adult witness. After my assistants and I sounded pretend drum rolls,  she read the name of the winner.

And the winner is: Shelley B.

Shelley, you will receive an email providing instructions on how to collect your book. 

****I feel obligated to impart that both of my assistants did receive payment for their services (lunch at Friendly’s), but the assistant who picked the winning candy cane was under no obligation to choose any certain candy cane.  Her candy cane choice was random.****

Remember, come visit Books . . . Looks and Takes blog often.  I’ll be having more specials, giveaways, and discounts real soon.


One response to “WINNER of the DARKNESS DAWNS Book Giveaway

  1. Congratulations, Shelley!

    Thank you, Eleanor for hosting this great giveaway! I LOVE the way you chose the winner! 🙂

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