by C. E. Lawrence

Publisher: Pinnacle (Kensington Publishing Corp.)

Published: December 6, 2011

Format: Paperback (320 pages)

ISBN: 9780786025626

Series: NYPD Criminal Profiler Lee Campbell

Origin: Publisher Advance Reader Copy

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion***

My Look:

A dark thriller with its setting in New York City during the first anniversary of an incredible tragedy that is 9/11 begins when a man merges fantasy with reality among the walking wounded surviving inside the metropolis.  He thrives in Steampunk Clubs, dressed in Victorian Goth with the telltale goggles, but his indulgence becomes fait accompli and the end of days for young girls.  Moreover, this killer is out for blood.  Literally.  By draining almost every drop of the vital fluid, his drug seduced prey meets death, and his appetite for the living turns to bloodlust with an ever-expanding need for more and an endless supply of victims.

NYPD has Criminal Profiler Lee Campbell on staff to help find a killer, but Lee’s haunted past—a preoccupation with his sister’s death and a depression that had nearly disabled him—pulls him in many directions.  In addition, he’s still a target of terrorizing phone calls from a man who knows intimate details of his sister’s last day on earth bringing to life the nightmares of Lee’s dreams and the worry of his days.

While almost feeling a kinship to the killer, Lee’s able to understand the needs that drive him and can use that knowledge to track him.  However, police investigation details leaking to the press can give a killer the advantage.

My Take:

C. E. Lawrence has an incredible gift for setting and description.  While revisiting the pain and horror of our nation’s attack, she will take you farther into the dark side of human nature still alive, well, and thriving during this period.  Her three-dimensional characters leave you turning pages long after you should have gone to bed and just maybe you’ll sleep with the lights on.

Though this book is a stand-alone title, you will want to know these people and their characters better by catching up on SILENT SCREAMS (December 2009) and SILENT VICTIM (December 2010).


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