by Bella Riley

Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing imprint of Hachette Book Group)

Published: October 1, 2011

Format: Paperback (368 pages)

ISBN: 9780446584210

Series: An Emerald Lake Novel

Origin: Publisher through netGalley -eGalley

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

She could still hear her father’s voice running through her head, . . . “always go for the brass ring.”.

Does coming home only cause heartache over a life she’d never had a chance to know? Does staying in Emerald Lake longer than just a weekend mean more pain than progress? Could Andi Powell ever really come home, again?

Andi’s return is only as business trip.  Nonetheless, she returns to find a sick grandmother, a grieving mother, and a memorial dedication to her deceased father.  But when her grandmother is hospitalized, Andi must come to terms with the forced alienation she creates for her herself with her family.  She struggles with guilt about leaving her relatives alone in the small town and with guilt about abandoning the man who once loved her, the one man whose hatred toward her is justified.  The same man who unknowingly holds the answer to whether she’ll still have a job in New York, when this hometown visit is over.

Losing both his parents cost Nate Duncan his youth.

His mother died after bringing his sister, Madison, into the world, but his father’s suicide leaves him caring for a newborn infant.  As if these deaths and his new responsibilities hadn’t been enough for him to overcome, he looses the woman he loves to her bigger and better dreams because she refuses to put those important aspirations on hold for him.

Now, it’s been over ten years.  Nate presides as Mayor over Emerald Lake.  He loves his sister, his town, and his life, but he hasn’t stopped loving Andi Powell.  Moreover, he’s never gotten over the anger at her abandonment.

Nevertheless, she’s back in town and wants to meet with to “catch up”, but while Andi claims a desire to clear the air between them, she really wants to destroy his town.

What happens when these two former sweethearts try to put their past behind them and come up with a reasonable plan to develop the waterfront property of Emerald Lake?

My Take:

I recommend Bella Riley’s HOME SWEET HOME.  

This story is about romance and so much more.  Bella Riley deftly combines today’s key issues with the life stories of three generations of the Powell’s loves and loses.  In Emerald Lake, she creates a place where the reader will go to visit and probably want to stay.  The townspeople also have their own stories of love and loss that us readers would love to explore and spend more of our time in Emerald Lake.

HOME SWEET HOME is a book you’ll enjoy while you await the next book in the Emerald Lake series, WITH ONE KISS coming February 2012 (Forever).


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  1. Nice article and review. The storyline sounds interesting.

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