By Susan Fox

Brava (Kensington Publishing Corp.)

Published: November 29, 2011

Format: Trade Paperback (320 Pages)

ISBN: 9780758259318

Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Erotica

Series: The Wild Ride to Love series Book 4

Origin: Publisher Advance Reader Copy 

*Repost of earlier book review in honor of release date.*
***Though the publisher provides the book, I offer the opinion.*** 

My Look:  

Merilee Fallon just has a case of pre-wedding jitters. Or is it so much more?

The “I do” doubts begin after her sisters arrive for Merilee’s wedding, each toting a romantic, passion-filled man by their side, but for Merilee, the “three pack” of sisters and their grand romances with steamy love affairs leaves her wanting more.  More from her relationship with her soulmate, Matt.  She loves Matt. Nevertheless, they’re more like macaroni and cheese compared to her sisters’ spicy dishes.  And what is love without sparks?

When Matt Townsend’s soon-to-be bride shows up only two days before their nuptials announcing there’s no passion, sparks, or excitement in their 14 year relationship, he’s devastated.  She wants to stop the wedding.   What’s a guy to do?  With a roiling gut of emotions, he agrees.

Now that the wedding is off, Merilee’s sister wants to retool the already existing plans to marry her over-the-top libidinous man.

On this Merilee and Matt agree; they allow this couple to take their places. However, not all the plans will recycle for her sister and fiancée.  The new newlyweds can’t go on the already prepaid trip leaving the former bride and groom busy making calls to see who, if anyone, can take the Mexican Riviera cruise.

But when they can’t find anyone else to book their honeymoon, they decide to go on the trip.   Not as man and wife.  Not even as a betrothed couple. Merilee and Matt take the cruise as friends.   And what they discover surprises each of them . . .

My Take:

I recommend YOURS, UNEXPECTEDLY.  Susan Fox creates characters you’ll want to know as you grow in love with them, a story you’ll want to finish as you won’t want it to end, and a romance you’ll want to have for your very own as you find it with them.  The erotic elements complement but does not overwhelm this full-fledged romance with a satisfying ending.  

Although this book stands alone, you’ll want to catch up with the other three books in the Wild Ride to Love Series out of an insatiable need for more of the Fallon clan.


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