by Lanie Kincaid

Publisher: Griffyn Ink

Published: February 1, 2010

Format: ebook

Origin: Publisher through netGalley – eGalley

***Though publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Can pictures uncover a cheating jerk and launch a career too?

In Lanie Kincaid’s PICTURE PERFECT, that’s exactly what happens.  First, Rae (short for Rachel) Madison discovers the man whom she’s been seeing, and whose been trying to hurry her into the sack, is actually a married man with children.  Moreover, that’s only the beginning of this slick lover boy’s portfolio.

Rae’s heartbreak happens at her job, where her current working capital comes from, while she awaits her big break as a photography artist; she moonlights as a photographer for a P.I.  And most of those cases start as suspicious spouses wanting to find out if their significant other is stepping out.

Though this job tends to sour her attitude toward happy-ever-after endings, she wasn’t ready to accept that she’d been the other woman.

Nevertheless, Rae bounces back rather quickly and takes solace in her circle of friends, both female and male.  There she’s met Colby Williams, and for the most part, her life is good.

Colby’s been wavering between asking Rae out for a date and fear that she isn’t interested in him and that would destroy the friendship they have.  Not to mention, the career past he tries to hide from may turn her off for good.

However, his indecision changes, when the guy she’s been seeing is no more than a cheating jerk, and he’s prepared to wait it out through however many rebound men she needs to have. Luckily her mourning ends without much drama.  Rae tells the group and later Colby that she really hadn’t been in love with the guy at all but had been in love with the idea of the man.

Now, things are looking up for Colby, and fate steps in to create some one-on-one time between him and Rae, when she needs a partner for dance lessons.

Though he’s already trained in this particular form of dance, he volunteers hoping the dancing will lead to his chance. It seems the dance is having the desired effect, maybe.  Colby just isn’t sure.  She seems to have interest in him, maybe.  What can he do to be sure?

In the meanwhile, his mother buys yet another picture to hand their walls, and at the time, it seems to be an inconsequential event.  Even as she insists that he views it and take in all the subtleties of the photo, he doesn’t think anything.  And yeah, he finds many things and the picture seems to draw him in, but it’s not until his mother tells him the name of the artist that it could be his chance of a lifetime.

My Take:

I recommend Lanie Kincaid’s PICTURE PERFECT.

Her writing has nuances of personality for each character, and she will draw you into their lives.

The reader will wallow in the sadness of Rae, the anxiety of Colby, and the doubts over the other’s connection and intention toward a relationship.  However, you’ll end the book wishing to know all the stories of the characters in this book.

Other Lanie Kincaid’s titles include RAINFALL (Griffyn Ink, March 2009), THE WAY TO YOUR HEART Griffyn Ink August 2009), KELSEY’S SONG (The Wilder Books Griffyn Ink June 2010), SECOND CHANCES (Wilder Books Griffyn Ink September 2010), and WISHCRAFT (The Magic Box series Griffyn Ink January 2011).


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