by Christina Freeburn

Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing

Published: October 31, 2011

Format: eBook

Series: New Beginnings

Origin: Publisher – PDF version

***Though the publisher provides the free ebook, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Broken trust, broken hearts, abused women and children, a defiant teen, and two skip tracers all combine with a result that may lead to murder.

This inspirational romantic suspense promises new beginnings.  However, the getting there requires these two skip tracers weave their way back to each other, though the job viewpoints are from the polar opposite of sides.

While Renee Strafford-Knight helps the abused go into hiding and into a life free from their abusers, her ex-husband, Jonas Knight helps to find the guilty and bring them to justice.

Right now, their jobs clash when Renee helps to hide and abused teen that Jonas is hunting down for stealing a million dollars from her uncle.  This former couple must disengage from their rigid stance over the disintegration of their marriage and the reasons they believe how it really ended.

Renee blames Jonas for the death of her sister at the hands of her sibling’s abusive husband; Jonas agrees with that standpoint because he has never forgiven himself.

Meanwhile, Jonas suspects his partner and their client is not being forthcoming with answers, but Jonas doesn’t realize that he is under surveillance when he visits Renee.  He’s trying to keep her out of police troubles with a harboring a fugitive charge and leads both his partner and their client’s henchman directly to the woman he cares most about. Now, he must protect her while she moves the endangered teen. All he wants it to retrieve the money and let the kid live her life away from the client he suspects has abused her the way she claims.

Will his presence on this mission put other hiding victims in harms way? 

My Take:

I recommend NEW BEGINNINGS BOOK ONE: LOST THEN FOUND by Christina Freeburn.

Domestic violence takes many forms and Christina Freeburn fictionally displays this serious problem with its long-reaching effects on the victims and the people who love those in danger. Using fiction, this author gives hope to those in such situations.

Her characters reel you into their lives while their suspenseful tale keeps you hooked, as the romance builds.

After you finish book one of the NEW BEGINNINGS, you’ll join me in looking forward to the next book in the series: NEW BEGINNINGS BOOK TWO: LED ASTRAY, coming May 2012.



  1. This sounds like a really good read. I’ll have to add it to my list of TBR.

    Susan Jaymes

  2. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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