by Jami Alden

Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing imprint of Hachette Book Group)

Published: November 1, 2011

Format: Paperback (432 pages)

ISBN: 9780446572798

Origin: netGalley – EGALLEY

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion. ***

My Look:

What happens when the convicting prosecutor and the former death-row inmate that she put away get together?  Murder.

At the time, Krista Slater was sure she put away the right man, Sean Flynn, for the rapes and brutal murders of those women; today, she knows that he almost died for crimes he never committed. However, this case is not over, yet.  When her shock wears off but the guilt remains, she does not believe Nate Brewster acted alone.  Something isn’t sitting right about how it all fell too neatly into place, long after Sean had been tried, convicted, sentenced, and imprisoned.  Though trusting her instincts is still hard, she asks a private investigator whom she trusts to poke around in her lone investigation.

She follows the crumb of a lead her investigator friend unearths to find the man who is willing to meet with her and who claims to know more than he said just three long years ago.  But he turns up dead just before they are to meet; she knows this was no suicide.

Sean Flynn may be the only man left who would know what he knew, but how do you ask the man you nearly put to death for help?

Meanwhile, she was the last person Sean Flynn ever expected.  Yet, here she stands.  The ice queen, Krista Slater, wants him to care that she needs his help.  He does not and would not and that was that.

He asks her to leave his property.  Then he demands she leave.  She doesn’t. He walks away from her into his workshop shed then shuts the door blocking out her calls, knocks, and pleas with the motor of his woodworking saw and music.  Nevertheless, even to this day, Sean can’t take being cooped-up in a locked space no matter what the size thanks to the prison term and solitary confinement this ice queen provided him.

How dare she expect to come here and gain anything from him?  Her veins must be colder than even he believed.

In the mean time, when he returns home, she’s still here with a stalled car, and he’s forced to deal with it.  Not that she didn’t deserve to rot outside in the cold and be without cell phone bars to find help, but prison did not take away the man he’d always been.  He’s former military and just cannot let someone stay in a bad situation.  Not that she deserves even a shred of kindness, he takes her to call for help and to a place for the night.  He was done.  Done. Moreover, he’d never see his captor again. At least that’s the way it would’ve been, if his car hadn’t been tampered with and if they weren’t run off the road.

The situation only gets worse once the police arrive.

One officer hates this former inmate figuring he was in the middle of committing some crime while another officer drives both him and Krista away to the police station.  Once their prowl car turns off the highway, Sean knows they were into the fire.  As two thugs join in on the party, this turns deadly.  They kill the cop who had played his part in their scheme and turn to kill Sean and Krista.

Thanks to Sean’s training and some luck, they live.

Forced on the run without anyone to trust but each other, can they survive?  Does Krista have any warm blood?  Can Sean ever forgive what she did to him?  More important, who wants them dead, and why?

My Take:

HIDE FROM EVIL is a book I can recommend without any second thoughts, but I must give a warning here too.  Adult situations, themes, and language will show up from time-to-time, and these instances are not distracting to the read and do enhance the story by driving it toward a steamy romance.

Jamie Alden’s characters come to life on the page, and her suspenseful pace keeps you in the story and afraid to look away.  After you finish HIDE FROM EVIL, I have no doubt you’ll be looking for more, and BEG FOR MERCY (Forever June 2011) will fill that void until the next book releases.



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