by Virginia Brown

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

Published: September 10, 2010

Format: Paperback (274 pages)

ISBN: 9781935661962

Series: Diva Series

Origin: Publisher through netGALLEY – eGALLEY

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

This book is the second title in the laid-back, Southern mystery series with a hilarious, glitzy and ditzy troupe of characters.

A race car driver is found shot; a diva’s archenemy becomes the prime suspect.  Putting their stilettos in the middle of this caper, the divas stage a get-together to dig up more dirt, but they unearth information that casts doubt on Naomi Spenser’s guilt.  And when Naomi dies, one of the divas take her place on the suspect list.  However, Bitty is not a stranger to police suspicion.

In the first book, DIXIE DIVAS, Bitty narrowly escapes a murder wrap stemming from the death of her wayward spouse; Trysting with his straying companion—Naomi Spencer. Now, with that messy situation in her past, Bitty is an easy target to the police for that woman’s murder.

It is up to the divas to prove somebody else has reasons to kill.

The divas dig their heals deeper and find it’s harder to chase a killer who is chasing them. They survive a car incident that was no accident and continue on their hunt for the hunter, while danger follows along their path.

My Take:

Virginia Brown’s Southern cozy is a lazy day read where antics and laughter intersects with small town divas and murder. Moreover, Holly Springs, Mississippi is a place where pimento cheese and gossip flows freely and where knowing your neighbors and their secrets can be an intoxicating and deadly mix.

Although this book stands alone, you will want to read the first in the series, DIXIE DIVAS, (Bell Bridge Books June 2009) while you hope for a third Divas adventure.


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