Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble

by Peggy Webb

Publisher: Kensington

Published: September 27, 2011

Format: Hardcover (307 pages)

ISBN: 9780758241412

Series: A Southern Cousins Mystery

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Callie Valentine Jones is owner of a styling salon called Hair.Net and a dog named Elvis. Moreover, unbeknownst to Callie, Elvis really is the king. Reharmonizing his many tunes, this Basset “Hound Dog” knows how to find bones and help his human companion solve murders.

Their real story begins at an archeological site just before the Undertaker’s Convention in Cozumel, Mexico.  The Valentine clan takes on this trip for a variety of reasons ranging from man trouble to the loud tick of a biological clock with everything in between, but nobody expects this trip to be murder.  Just leave it to Elvis to dig one up.

This hound unearths a bone that doesn’t belong to a Mayan; this femur dates only thirty years. Callie wants no part in this case, but the Mexican authorities ask her to lead them back to this excavation site with Elvis.

After they find the rest of the skeleton, Callie goes off the the beach and finds her cousin Lovie curing relationship woes through a drink called Tropical Double Trouble.  She leaves her sodden family member with Elvis—for protection—to go shopping, but when she returns, Lovie and Elvis are gone.  Things only get worse once the rest of the family gathers to realize her cousin and Callie’s faithful, furry companion are still missing in action.

Meanwhile, Uncle Charlie calls in Callie’s former spouse to help connect the dots, if they connect at all, between murder, abductions, and voodoo.

My Take:

Peggy Webb captures the heart of anyone who loves Elvis.

Her Southern characters are a hilarious ensemble cast, and since this is the fourth book in the Southern Cousins series, their madcap adventures and plots are ever-growing with guaranteed laughs.

Though this book stands alone, you’ll want to read the other titles to enjoy all the mishaps and hullabaloo.  ELVIS AND THE DEARLY DEPARTED (September 2009), ELVIS AND THE GRATEFUL DEAD (Reprint September 2010), and ELVIS AND THE MEMPHIS MAMBO MURDERS (October 2010).


4 responses to “Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble

  1. Anything involving a dog named Elvis, voodoo, and an undertaker’s convention is right up my alley; I will have to check this one out. Nice job, Eleanor:)

  2. Sounds very interesting .

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