by: Delia Rosen

Publisher: Kensington

Published: October 4, 2011

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780758241719

Series: A Deadly Deli Mystery

Origin: Publisher

***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***

My Look:

Gwen “Nashville” Katz is a newbie on the catering scene and is a not-so-long owner of an eatery in town.  Her livelihood may depend on finding a killer, but does she put her life at stake too?

It all begins once a host for an audience-participation event invites some friends and some business owners to murder then asks Nashville, a deli owner, to cater it.  How hard can murder be for a woman who can make tongue between two pieces of bread taste good?  Gwen agrees to supply the food but never figures on killing being the forever kind, until the ceiling caves in around her.

Discovering a body in such an unusual but up-close and personal way lands her facing some tough questions

With death at the venue, and somehow on the menu, it becomes impossible for the guests to eat, but Gwen “Nashville” Katz made this food.  She fears her reputation will now be on life-support. She didn’t just transplant herself to Nashville, Tennessee because she inherited her deceased uncle’s Jewish Deli.  Really, she escaped a dead marriage, a former spouse, and a too busy career, but lately, her life story in this town has become murder.

Unofficially, she starts to poke around, wanting to save the deli and catering business by solving the crime, but the police come calling.  With one less audience member to tell what happened, the police want answers, and they expect her to give them.  This time they want her information, but her not-so-solid relationship with a certain detective is a leveraging chip, just not in a straightforward kind of way.

Meanwhile, she discovers her detective’s “comfortable” view of her and their relationship is akin to “not tonight, Gwen”.  Now, she’s  questioning why she is even in this not-so-much of a relationship anyway, especially given her past train wreck of a history with men.

My Take:

I give a hardy recommendation for ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVY.   Delia Rosen paints a real character in Gwen “Nashville” Katz.  She’s a sleuth who is a “put it out there as I see it” kind of New Yorker who will make you laugh while you try to find out the whodunit along with her. This character’s blunt ways of thinking, sleuthing, and acting adds just enough comedy to a great cozy, taking off the edge from the unpleasant subject of death. Though this book stands alone, you will want to read the first book of this series title A BRISKET, A CASKET (October 2010)


4 responses to “ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVY

  1. Hey, Eleanor, some time ago I got a bit overloaded on “theme” mysteries, especially chefs, restaurants, caterers, tea houses, etc. But your review has me thinking maybe I should try one more! Thanks. Does Rosen have more than one series? Oh, never mind, I’ll find out!

  2. Hi Eugenia,

    I’m glad you’ve reconsidered theme mysteries! This one was a great read!

  3. Here’s a musical answer to Nashville and her Deli. LOL ENJOY!!!

  4. Thanks, Nora-Adrienne!

    This was a hoot:-D I did enjoy it and plan to keep right on listening to it too!

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